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The Athletics Partnering Program

The Athletics Partnering Program is designed to enhance relationships between the Department of Athletics and the greater Wesleyan University community, with a concentrated focus on the academic community.  In keeping with the mission of Wesleyan University, the Athletics Partnering Program exists to aid in building a diverse, energetic community of students, faculty, and staff who think critically and creatively and who value independence of mind and generosity of spirit.  By inviting others into the intimate team setting, the range of resources for students and overall understanding of the athletics experience is magnified.  Partners and coaches work in tandem in knowing and assisting their athletes in all dimensions of the students’ curricular and co-curricular pursuits.

As we pursue the goal of every varsity team having at least one faculty partner, we consider the positives this program has and will continue to achieve:   
  • Providing an integrated learning experience for both the partner and the student-athlete
  • Reinforcing and expanding the circle of support for student-athletes
  • Helping to attract top student-athletes to Wesleyan University
  • Promoting understanding and communication between faculty, student-athletes, and coaches beyond the classroom
  • Providing an institutionally-supported means for faculty, student-athletes, and coaches to get to know each other better, enhancing individual and educational relationships and mutual appreciation.

The relationship between faculty partner and team can be quite rewarding. Taking an active part in team activities, faculty partners can develop meaningful relationships with student-athletes and coaches that make the Wesleyan experience that much more engaging. Ideas for partners to become involved and to begin a dialogue between themselves and their team include: 

  • Stop by a practice or a game
  • Have a meal in Usdan with the team and/or coaches
  • Get to know the names, positions, and academic interests of team members
  • Be a resource for student-athletes by being available to counsel them on academic questions as well as other issues pertaining to their experiences at Wesleyan
  • Assist in directing student-athletes to available campus resources
  • Serve with the team on community service projects
  • Be a recruiting contact for prospective student-athletes
  • Be open to visiting prospective student-athletes to sit in on one of your classes and/or help the coaches find another class or professor that might better fit with the prospective student-athlete’s academic interests
  • Meet the parents of the student-athletes on your team at a game or post game event
  • Wear some of the teams’ gear around campus on game days 
  • Travel to an away game with the team
  • Sit on the bench during a game

Job Description for Faculty Athletics Representative


Faculty Team Mentor Directory

Sport Name Academic Department E-Mail Address Phone
Football Melanie Khamis full bio Melanie Khamis Economics (860) 685-2944
Football John Driscoll full bio John Driscoll  
Men's Soccer Michael Whaley full bio Michael Whaley Vice President for Student Affairs (860) 685-3160
Field Hockey Andrea Roberts full bio Andrea Roberts Chemistry (860) 685-2513
Volleyball Joe Rouse full bio Joe Rouse Philosophy (860) 685-3655
Crew - W Michelle Personick full bio Michelle Personick Chemistry  
Cross Country - M/W Scott Holmes full bio Scott Holmes MB&B (860) 685-3557
Men's Basketball Frantz Williams full bio Frantz Williams University Relations (860) 685-2516
Women's Basketball Ishita Mukerji full bio Ishita Mukerji MB&B (860) 685-2422
Men's Ice Hockey Mike McAlear full bio Mike McAlear Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (860) 685-2443
Women's Ice Hockey Typhaine Leservot full bio Typhaine Leservot Romance Languages 8606852386
Men's Squash Vijay Pinch full bio Vijay Pinch History (860) 685-2399
Men's Squash Karl Scheibe full bio Karl Scheibe Psychology (860) 685-2273
Men's Squash Ana Peres-Girones full bio Ana Peres-Girones Spanish (860) 685-3095
Women's Squash Ana Perez-Girones full bio Ana Perez-Girones Spanish (860) 685-3095
Women's Squash Karl Scheibe full bio Karl Scheibe Psychology (860) 685-2273
Women's Squash Vijay Pinch full bio Vijay Pinch History (860) 685-2399
Swimming - M/W Dalit Katz full bio Dalit Katz Religion (860) 685-2297
Swimming - M/W Fred Cohan full bio Fred Cohan Biology (860) 685-3482
Wrestling Allan Berlind full bio Allan Berlind Biology (860) 685-3483
Track - M/W Sarah Wiliarty full bio Sarah Wiliarty Government (860) 685-2996
Track - M/W Victoria Manfredi full bio Victoria Manfredi Computer Science (860) 685-2194
Baseball Rich Adelstein full bio Rich Adelstein Economics (860) 685-2366
Baseball Guilio Gallarotti full bio Guilio Gallarotti Government (860) 685-2496
Softball Jennifer Caplan full bio Jennifer Caplan Religion (860) 685-2298
Softball Louise Brown full bio Louise Brown Dean of the Class of 2017/Government (860) 685-2758
Men's Lacrosse Michael Whaley full bio Michael Whaley Vice President for Student Affairs (860) 685-3160
Women's Lacrosse Karl Boulware full bio Karl Boulware Economics (860) 685-3571
Tennis - M/W Guilio Gallarotti full bio Guilio Gallarotti Government (860) 685-2496