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The Wesleyan University Athletic Hall of Fame will recognize members of the Wesleyan community for outstanding achievement on the “playing field” or for service, dedication, and commitment to the athletics, sport in general and related programs. Starting in 2012, individuals are inducted bi-anually. Recipients receive a commemorative plaque; their name and photo are included on a plaque as part of a permanent installation in Freeman Athletic Center's Warren Street Lobby. 


To qualify, a candidate must be a degree holder from Wesleyan University or a member of the Wesleyan community. A candidate for category I (Athlete) must be out of college for at least ten years or, in case of a non-Wesleyan bachelor degree holder, the candidate must have been a member of the Wesleyan community for at least five years.


  1. Athlete – candidates nominated in this category must have displayed extraordinary ability and performance while participating in athletics.
  2. Coach – candidates nominated in this category must have made outstanding contributions to the field of athletics through coaching and/or with professional coaching organizations.
  3. Contributor – outstanding contributor to athletics/sport through clinics, writing, organizations, support of Wesleyan athletics, as an administrator or volunteer , or through professional athletics or international sports organizations.
  4. Team – Outstanding record or accomplishments such as an NCAA championship or finalist, ECAC champion or undefeated season.  Only one team can be selected in a given year
    • A person may be nominated in more than one category.
    • A candidate can be nominated by any member of the Wesleyan community. Self nominations will not be accepted.
    • A nominee stays active forever.


1.        Prior to each cycle (bi-annually), coaches and emeriti coaches will be asked to submit a list of potential candidates. Any member of the Wesleyan University family may also nominate candidates. All nominations must be submitted in writing to the Athletic Director or his or her designee. Biographical information (nomination form) and details (articles, clippings, records, resume, etc.) about the person being nominated must be included with the nomination form.

2.         No candidate will be advised of his/her candidacy. All information pertaining to candidates is strictly confidential.

3.         The candidates, prior to the selection meeting, will be screened into one of three categories. 

            A.        Insufficient information provided; more material needed to move forward in the selection process

            B.        Insufficient credentials for further consideration

            C.        Possess the credentials to move ahead in the process

4.         During the screening process, various committee members may be asked to seek additional material on the candidates whom have insufficient materials. Most of the research will be completed by Wesleyan's Director of Athletics Communications and other assigned personnel.

5.         When the Hall of Fame Committee convenes in person and/or by conference call the “need more information candidates” will be reviewed first.

6.         Voting members will recieve in advance of the meeting: the nomination spreadsheet and top 15 candidates selected by the Wesleyan Athletic Director. Members will be allowed to select addicational candidates from the pool; those will be added to the AD list for full Committee review. The final list of nominations will be distributed at the selection meeting and will be the starting point of the voting process. During the first round of voting, nominees who recieve at least three votes will continue. Discussion of remaining candidates will take place prior to the second round of voting. In the second round, voting members will vote for their top ten candidates. Nominees who recieve at least four votes will move on. In the third round, members will vote for their top six candidates. Nominees recieving at least five votes will continue. Discussion of remaining candidates will take place prior to the fourth round of voting. In the fourth round, voting members will vote for their top four candidates. Votes will be tabulated and the top four candidates will become eligible for the committee to make their selections for entry. In the case of a voting tie, members will discuss each nominee in question. A second vote will take place if the committee feels it is necessary after their deliberations. The Athletic Director, or his/her designate, will count the committee's votes. All voting will be kept confidential. The committee may decide to induct between four-six candidates. The induction group can consist of any make up- athletes, coaches, contributors and teams.                      

7.         A quorum must be present either in person or via conference (a minimum of eight out of ten selection committee members).


  1. ATHLETE.  Outstanding performance during the undergraduate or post graduate years; All-American status and performance at the national level and recognition by regional, national, and/or international associations are important criteria.
  2. COACH.  Outstanding record as a Wesleyan coach or coach at another institution, professional organization, club or international team. Contributions to coaching organization will also be considered. Recognition by other organizations (Coach of the Year) and Hall of Fames will be important credentials to be considered.
  3. CONTRIBUTOR.  Major contributor to Wesleyan athletics, professional organizations, international sport associations, and grass root sport movements will be important criteria.
  4. TEAM. Outstanding record or accomplishments such as an NCAA Championship or finalist, ECAC champion, or undefeated season.  Also teams that have had major victories over a superior opponent may be considered.
Note:  In the selection process it will be important to recognize that intercollegiate athletics and sport in general has changed significantly over time and performance in different decades should not be compared.


The Athletic Hall of Fame Committee is composed of ten voting members, each of who serve a three-year term. Two individuals (two alumni/ae) will be members of the Athletic Advisory Council(AAC) and serve a five-year term. The Co-chairs of the Athletic Advisory Council will appoint these individuals. The seven members who are not members of the Athletic Advisory Council will be staggered so that each year three members will rotate off and be replaced by three new members. These individuals will be appointed by the Chairs of the Athletic Advisory Council, the Athletic Director and the Vice President of University Relations or designate. The Wesleyan University Athletic Director will serve as a non voting chair of the Hall of Fame Committee. In addition, the Wesleyan Director of Athletics Communication will serve as staff to the committee. It should be noted that no more than six voting members may be of one gender, and at least one and, no more than three members, must be current members of the Athletic Hall of Fame. Note: this provision will not be instituded until the committee is in its fourth year of existence.        


Hall of Fame Award Dinner will be held bi-annualy at Reunion & Commencement or Homecoming/Family Weekend.