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Fall Concussion Awareness Weekend – The Headway Foundation

Fall Concussion Awareness Weekend – The Headway Foundation

MIDDLETOWN, Conn. – This weekend Wesleyan's fall teams will be dedicating their games to raising concussion awareness through the Headway Foundation. The Headway Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to promote a safe sports culture, provide resources about concussions and advocate for enhanced concussion evaluation protocols and accessibility.

The Headway Foundation was co-founded by three former Division I ice hockey players, whose careers were all cut short due to concussions. This organization differs from others because it focuses on a peer drive approach - it is founded by athletes, for athletes. 

This weekend's games demonstrate Wesleyan Athletics' commitment to The Headway's 'New Tough' campaign. 'New Tough' looks to redefine what it means to be tough and challenges our student-athletes to think about concussions differently.

For more information about The Headway Foundation, you can visit their website: >>