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Wesleyan Athletics Alumni Mentoring 


Mentoring is most often defined as a professional relationship in which an experienced person (the mentor) assists another (the mentee – a Wesleyan student-athlete) in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance the less-experienced person’s professional and personal growth. A mentor-mentee relationship focuses on developing the mentee professionally and personally.

Why become a mentor?

Alumni become mentors for a variety of reasons. It feels great to pay it forward and help Wesleyan student-athletes unlock their potential. You also can learn from your mentee (or even find the next hire for your team). Lastly, you are sure to build coaching and leadership skills along the way.

What does a mentor do?

  • Teaches the student-athlete about a specific issue
  • Coaches the student-athlete on a particular skill
  • Facilitates the student-athlete’s growth by sharing resources and networks
  • Challenges the student-athlete to move beyond his or her comfort zone
  • Creates a safe learning environment for taking risks
  • Focuses on the student-athlete’s total development

What a mentor does NOT do.

  • Offer jobs or internships to their mentee
  • Have all the answers for their mentee
  • Initiate all contact with their mentee

How does this program work for mentors?

First, complete your profile. Signing up with LinkedIn will automatically fill in some of your information. Set availability preferences to indicate how much time you can commit and how many mentees you can support at one time.

Student-athletes who join the program will be able to view your profile and reach out to request mentorship or ask a question. Sometimes it takes a while for a student to discover you due to the size of the community or because they are in season, so please be patient. 

Second, answer community questions. Students will use the Discussion tab to pose questions anonymously to all alumni. Check out the Resources tab for podcasts, articles, and videos you might find interesting to discuss with your mentee.

What if I already am a mentor?

No worries. If you would consider helping additional student-athletes, we hope you will join.

What if I don't want to mentor a particular student-athlete?

If you get a request we hope you'll accept it, but you do have the option to decline a student if you simply don't have time.