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Physical Education Facility Policies Faculty and Staff 2019-2020

Please note: Membership is available to Wesleyan community members only.

Fees -- Yearly memberships are renewable each August 31.  Fees for memberships are noted below:

  • Faculty and Staff - No Charge
  • Spouses, Domestic Partners - $75.00
  • Dependents - $50.00

Family Activity

Spouses or domestic partners are encouraged to use the facilities. The definition of domestic partnership is available through Human Resources.

Young adult dependents are eligible for passes. The definitions of dependency used by the Internal Revenue Service are also applied by the University in establishing whether a dependent relationship exists. This is, if the son or daughter is declared as a dependent on the parent's Form 1040 during the period which the pass is awarded, then he or she is considered a dependent; if not, the son or daughter is independent of parental support and therefore not eligible. Suitable proof of dependency in connection with approval of your application may be requested.

Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult when using all facilities.

Pool - Bathing caps are strongly encouraged.

Fitness Center - Children under age 15 using the strength training areas must be supervised by an adult.

Wesleyan Community Skating - The Facility User Pass or Wes ID is needed for access.


A 24-hour advanced request is required. 

Requests are handled on a per request basis and valid only for the date issued.

Guest must be accompanied by host when using facility. Guest passes are issued to the same visitor three times only.

Spouses, domestic partners and dependents do not have guest privileges.

Facility User Passes

A Wesleyan photo identification pass w/mag strip is required for use of all Physical Education facilities and must be presented upon entry. To process your 2019-20 facility pass application for spouses, domestic partners and/or dependents please click on this link to your WesPortal.  Open the Facilities tab and click on Athletics Facility User Pass and complete the form. Annual payments will be processed through payroll deduction. If you are renewing a membership for a facility user pass, your facility user card will be updated in the Athletics Department. If you prefer to renew by check or cash instead of payroll deduction, please contact Jenna Waters at


Locker Rentals

Locker rentals are available and will be rented on a first-come basis. To process your 2019-20 locker application for employees, spouses, domestic partners and/or dependents,  please click on this link to your WesPortal. Open the Facilities tab and click on the Athletics Locker Renewal and complete the form. The registration/renewal is now online and annual payments will be processed through payroll deduction. If you prefer to pay for your locker by check or cash instead of payroll deduction, please contact Jenna  Waters at

Facility Hours

Facility hours are posted online here.

Use of a particular facility may be restricted if the facility has been scheduled for an organized Wesleyan program (i.e. intercollegiate athletic contest, team practice, intramurals, rental and special events, etc.)