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WESLEYAN INTRAMURAL Basketball - Rules & Info

Welcome to Wesleyan Intramurals
2019-20 signups are now open!
(**Updated May. 28, 2019**)

Sign-up your team via the online form, and then attend the MANDATORY pre-season captain's meetings in the Freeman Classroom. If you don't attend, you will be placed on the wait list.
(NOTE: Players cannot sign up individually. Sign-ups are for teams only.)

2019-20 IM Sign-up Deadlines

2019 Fall (Soccer) - Tuesday, Sept. 10 - 7:15 p.m. (Meeting in Freeman classroom)
Season starts on Sunday, Sept. 15 and ends Oct. 27

2019-20 Winter (Basketball) - Tue. Nov. 12 - 7:15 p.m. (Meeting in Freeman classroom)
Season starts on Sunday, Nov. 17 and ends Feb. 16

2020 Spring (Softball & Indoor Soccer) - Tue. March 31 - 7:15 p.m. (Meeting Freeman classroom)
Season starts on Sun. April 5 and ends May 3


Intramural basketball is played on three courts in the Bacon Field House.

In all leagues, teams play with five (5) players on the court. Teams may play with as few as four players to avoid a forfeit; however, fewer than four players is not permitted. Substitutions may be made on any referee's whistle. To signal for substitutions, simply call out to the refreee that you are making a substitution so that he/she can suspend play long enough for the substitution to be made. Subbing on the fly is not permitted and will result in a technical foul (two free throws).

Games will be approximately 55 minutes in length. The first half will be a 20-minute period of running time, starting at five minutes past the hour. Halftime will be five minutes and the second half will consist of a 20-minute running-time period plus a three-minute conditional stop-time period (23 minutes total). Teams will be alotted one (1) timeout per half, and this timeout will stop the clock. First-half timeouts do not carry over if unused. If a game is tied at the end of regulation, overtime periods of three minutes (two minutes running time and one minute stop time) will be played until there is a winner.

Referees will be provided for all games. "A" League games will have two referees while all other games will have one. Most referees are fellow students who are doing as fine a job as they are able. Please treat them with respect. Do not argue with them, curse at them or use physical force. If you do, you will be assessed a technical foul, removed from the game and face possible suspension.

A scorebook will be used to keep track of the score at all games. It is the responsibility of the teams to keep the score during the game. To avoid problems, a representative from each team should be present at the scoring area to be sure the score is logged correctly in the book. We also have standup flip-card scoreboards at each court so the score can be visible during the game; however, the score that appears in the scorebook at the end of the day will be the official score of the game. Please be sure that the score is correct in the book after the game. No protests over game scores will be accepted.

Players may not play for more than one intramural team. This does not mean that a player may play for two or more teams if they are in different leagues. A PLAYER MAY PLAY FOR ONE AND ONLY ONE TEAM, PERIOD. We have had problems with this in the past and teams have been forced to forfeit contests as a result of using players from other teams. Please tell your team members that they must pick a team and stay with that teamthroughout the season. Also, any student playing for the men's or women's varsity team is ineligible for intramural play. Individuals participating on any other Wesleyan basketball team, such as the informal J.V. men's team, may not play in intramurals. If an individual is cut from or choses not to play for the varsity or J.V. after trying out, they become eligible.

If a team fails to field at least four (4) players by 10 minutes past the hour, the game will be declared a forfeit. The teams may play a pick-up game during the alotted hour, but the referee is under no obligation to officiate a pick-up game. Forfeits are a waste of time for all concerned, so please do your best to field a squad for each game. Any team that forfeits a game during the season will be rendered ineligible for the playoffs. Any team that forfeits more than one game may be removed from the league for the rest of the season.

Each game will be started by a jump ball at midcourt. Directions the teams will go in the first half will be determined by a coin toss, or other such mechanism, as well as which team will wear the pinnies provided or play without shirts, if they so choose. Rules governing intramurals shall be the same as those which govern the NCAA men's play, except that there is no dunking allowed and no 35-second clock. On all held-ball situations, we go with alternating possession. A chart for keeping track of possession is on the scoresheet and must be kept by the scorekeeper. For a three-point goal, remember that both feet must be completely behind the three-point arc. Bear in mind that the fifth team foul in a half brings about the one-and-one free throw. Individual personal fouls are not kept in intramurals, so players cannot foul out of the game. All technical, intentional or flagrant fouls are two shots. If intentional, the team shooting the free throws retains possession after the free throws. Also, once a game enters the final three-minute conditional stop-time period, there will be no one-and-one foul shooting. If a team is in the bonus, then it will shoot two free throws for all common fouls as well as shooting fouls (unless the basket was good, meaning just one free throw). If a team is not yet in the bonus, then the ball will be taken out of bounds as before. The final three-minute period is referred to as "conditional" in that if the score differential between the two teams is 15 points or more, then the clock will remaining running. Again, THERE IS NO DUNKING IN INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL. To do so will result in no basket and a technical foul. This goes for warm-up time as well. Fighting in a game is an automatic game ejection with possible league suspension upon review of the situation.

Intramurals will provide referees, scorebooks, clocks, scoreboards and one basketball for each court.

Teams will be determined at the discretion of the commissioner. Teams with a forfeit or below a .500 record are ineligible for the playoffs. All decisions are final.