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WESLEYAN INTRAMURAL Dodgeball - Rules and Info

Welcome to Wesleyan Intramurals
2019-20 signups are now open!
(**Updated May. 28, 2019**)

Sign-up your team via the online form, and then attend the MANDATORY pre-season captain's meetings in the Freeman Classroom. If you don't attend, you will be placed on the wait list.
(NOTE: Players cannot sign up individually. Sign-ups are for teams only.)

2019-20 IM Sign-up Deadlines

2019 Fall (Soccer) - Tuesday, Sept. 10 - 7:15 p.m. (Meeting in Freeman classroom)
Season starts on Sunday, Sept. 15 and ends Oct. 27

2019-20 Winter (Basketball & Dodgeball) - Tue. Nov. 12 - 7:15 p.m. (Meeting in Freeman classroom)
Season starts on Sunday, Nov. 17 and ends Feb. 16

2020 Spring (Softball & Indoor Soccer) - Tue. March 31 - 7:15 p.m. (Meeting Freeman classroom)
Season starts on Sun. April 5 and ends May 3




IM Dodgeball 2014-15

3 Bacon Courts (Sundays 5-6 p.m.)
  2/15 Playoffs (Silloway Gym)
Play Area
The game is played in the Bacon Field House at the Freeman Athletic Center on the near and middle tennis courts. Two games will be played at a time. Center Line: A player may not step on or over the center line. They may reach over to retrieve a ball. (This includes an extension of the red line to the other court for ball retrieval).
a) Players must wear proper attire (tennis shoes, shirts etc.).
b) The official game ball will be volleyballs
c) Four dodgeballs will be used per court.
A team consists of 5 players on the court. A team may play with fewer than 5 (that would be a disadvantage as there are fewer players to eliminate). Extra Players: No more than 5 players per team may be on the court at a time. If a team has additional players, they may wait on the sideline to enter when their team catches an opponent’s throw, but may only enter if less than 5 players are on the court at that time. When a basket is made, a team may only allow the number of players onto the court to constitute a team of 10.
a) Each team will play two matches a day
b) Winner is the first to win two games (best two-out-of-three).
a) To start the game each team has 2 balls.
b) If a player is hit by a “fly ball”, before it hits the floor and after being thrown by a player on the opposing team, that player is out.
c) If a player catches a “fly ball”, the thrower is out. ALSO: The other team returns an eliminated player to their team. Players come back into the game in the order they were eliminated.
d) A player who is hit in the head (if they did not duck) is not out. The thrower is out. If the player hit in the head did duck, there is no consequence.
e) A ball deflected by a held ball, whether caught or not, does not result in player elimination.
f) A ball rebounding off a “catch” attempt may be caught before touching the floor by any in bounds player on the “hit” players team. It may not hit a wall/backboard etc. Result: the thrower is out. Out-of-Bounds: Catching a ball out-of-bounds does not count. If a ball is deflected off one player and he/she or a teammate catches it out-or-bounds, the first player is still out because the catch does not count. Anything caught or thrown or being hit outside of the boundaries of the court does not count.
g) A ball rebounding off a wall, backboard etc. does not eliminate a player.
h) When all the players of one team have been eliminated, the other team wins that game and reports the score to the supervisor. A new game begins if time is remaining.
Players may not lift or support their teammates in catching a throw etc.
Area of Eliminated Players
a) Eliminated players on each court will form lines on their side of the court next to the curtain in the center of the gym. Keep in order of being eliminated with the first person eliminated standing by center line at least 5 feet off the sideline. Re-enter on a “caught” ball in same order eliminated.
b) Eliminated players may throw an out of bounds ball back to their team; they may not throw a ball at the other team or hold onto a ball.
Out of Bounds
a) The tennis court area is in bounds. Conversely, outside of the tennis court is out of bounds.
b) Please try not to throw balls at an angle such that it flies onto the other court.
c) Non-eliminated players must remain inbounds.
Tie-Breaker Rule
Matches may end in a tie in regular season. During tournament play if the games are tied at time limit, play a tiebreaker game with only 3 people per team on the court. The rest of the players enter in order. Players enter only if there are less than 5 players on their half of the court and a teammate has caught a "fly" ball.