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Welcome to Wesleyan Intramurals
2019-20 signups are now open!
(**Updated May. 28, 2019**)

Sign-up your team via the online form, and then attend the MANDATORY pre-season captain's meetings in the Freeman Classroom. If you don't attend, you will be placed on the wait list.
(NOTE: Players cannot sign up individually. Sign-ups are for teams only.)

2019-20 IM Sign-up Deadlines

2019 Fall (Soccer) - Tuesday, Sept. 10 - 7:15 p.m. (Meeting in Freeman classroom)
Season starts on Sunday, Sept. 15 and ends Oct. 27

2019-20 Winter (Basketball) - Tue. Nov. 12 - 7:15 p.m. (Meeting in Freeman classroom)
Season starts on Sunday, Nov. 17 and ends Feb. 16

2020 Spring (Softball & Indoor Soccer) - Tue. March 31 - 7:15 p.m. (Meeting Freeman classroom)
Season starts on Sun. April 5 and ends May 3




Designation of Fields
I-M soccer will be played on the Long Lane upper fields (the men's and women's practice fields) exclusively this year. Both leagues will play on both fields this year.

Number of Players/Substitutions
"A' League and "B" League play with 11-a-side while "C" League plays with 7-a-side. Substitutions for either team may be made when the ball passes over the end line. Teams also may substitute on their own throw-ins. Injured players also can be replaced. SUBSTITUTIONS MAY NOT BE MADE WHILE PLAY IS ON. Violating this rule will result in a penalty kick for the non-offending team. Substitutions are unlimited, meaning a player may come out of the game and return as many times as he/she wants.

Free Kicks
All free kicks resulting from an infraction will be indirect except for the following violations: 1) Handling the ball; 2) Any personal foul such as a trip, push or charge which, in the opinion of the referee, was flagrant enough to warrant a direct kick. Personal fouls which are inadvertent or considered non-flagrant will result in an indirect free kick.

Length of Game
Games will be 50 minutes, running time, divided into two 25-minute halves. The refs will have a clock with which to keep track of time. Halftime will be five minutes and there will be a five-minute warm-up period before the game. Thus, games will begin at five minutes past the hour and conclude on the hour. At the ref's discretion, the clock may be stopped for inordinate delays such as the ball being kick far out of bounds requiring a great deal of time to retrieve, or injury. Goals do not stop the clock.

Teams in "A" League and "B" League may play with as few as nine (9) players and "C" League may play with as few as five (5) players to avoid a forfeit. If a team does not have at least this number of players in attendance by 10 minutes past the hour, the referee will declare the game a forfeit. If a game begins with one or both teams short a player or two, tardy team members may enter the playing field whenever there is a whistle to stop play. The intramural management does not appreciate forfeits. Any team which forfeits a game during the season will be ineligible for the playoffs. Teams may NOT pick up players from another team to fill out its squad. PLAYERS ARE ALLOWED TO PLAY FOR ONLY ONE (1) INTRAMURAL SOCCER TEAM. VIOLATIONS OF THIS RULE MAY RESULT IN A GAME BEING FORFEITED. If the referees declares the game a forfeit, but the team wish to play a pick-up game during the allocated time period, they may do so; however, the referees are under no obligation to officiate the pick-up game. Teams may add players to its roster at any time during the regular season; however, only players who competed in at least one regular-season contest may play in the playoffs.

Additional Rules
All other rules not otherwise mentioned herein shall be the same as those which govern NCAA soccer. In particular, please note the following: 1) Throw-ins are done with two hands over the head and both feet on the ground. Also, the thrower's feet must not be on the playing field when the throw-in is made; 2) Offsides will be called if an attacking player without the ball does not have two defenders or the ball between himself/herself and the goal while his/her team is in possession of the ball and advancing on the goal. Offside will be called only if this attacking player is involved in the play; 3) Goalies may not touch the ball with their hands if the ball is intentionally played back to them by the foot of a teammate. Should the ball be played back to the goalie by the body or head, or inadvertently by the foot, then it can be handled by the goalie; 4) Goalies may not possess the ball in their hands for more than six seconds once standing, and may not regrasp the ball once it has been released. Violations of points (2), (3) and (4) will result in an indirect free kick at the point of the violation. Violation of point (1) results in a throw-in for the opposing team.

Two officials will be assigned to all games. Please do not argue with the refs. Their decisions are final. If you have any complaints, please take them up with intramural management. Referees are responsible for keeping time, the game score and for reporting that score to intramural management.

Equipment/Pinnies/Starting the Game/Ties
Intramurals will provide one ball for each field and a supply of pinnies. All other equipment is the responsibility of the players. Intramurals attempted to supply shin guards but a majority of them disappeared in short order, so the provision was discontinued. It is advisable but not mandatory to wear shin guards. One team will be required to wear the gold mesh pinnies during the game to distinguish the teams, so please ask your players not to wear a gold-colored shirt. A coin-flip, shoot-out or some such technique will be used to determine which team wears the pinnies. The team that wears the pinnies will have the option of kicking off or defending a particular side in the first half. Teams will switch sides in the second half. If the weather cooperates, teams may go shirtsand skins with the skins maintaining the same option as if they were wearing pinnies. If a game is tied at the conclusion of the second half, it goes into the books as a tie. No overtime is played during the regular season.

Game results and team standings will be posted on the intramural website.

Teams will be determined at the discretion of the commissioner. Teams with a forfeit are ineligible for the playoffs. All decisions are final.

Ineligible Players
Wesleyan I-M soccer is intended for those individuals who do not have ample opportunity to play organized games. This means present members of Wesleyan's men's and women's varsity soccer teams are not eligible to play I-M soccer. All other students, alumni, faculty and staff members are eligible even though they might be former soccer letterwinners.