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WESLEYAN INTRAMURAL Softball - Rules & Info

Welcome to Wesleyan Intramurals
2019-20 signups are now open!
(**Updated May. 28, 2019**)

Sign-up your team via the online form, and then attend the MANDATORY pre-season captain's meetings in the Freeman Classroom. If you don't attend, you will be placed on the wait list.
(NOTE: Players cannot sign up individually. Sign-ups are for teams only.)

2019-20 IM Sign-up Deadlines

2019 Fall (Soccer) - Tuesday, Sept. 10 - 7:15 p.m. (Meeting in Freeman classroom)
Season starts on Sunday, Sept. 15 and ends Oct. 27

2019-20 Winter (Basketball) - Tue. Nov. 12 - 7:15 p.m. (Meeting in Freeman classroom)
Season starts on Sunday, Nov. 17 and ends Feb. 16

2020 Spring (Softball & Indoor Soccer) - Tue. March 31 - 7:15 p.m. (Meeting Freeman classroom)
Season starts on Sun. April 5 and ends May 3





Explanation of Pitching
The purpose of I-M softball is to promote athletic participation by the general campus population as well as providing competition at a variety of levels. To that end, because intramurals does not employ umpires to call balls and strikes, and since the time constraint of one hour per games looms prominently, Wesleyan intramurals uses a relatively unique pitching system ---
All Batting Teams Pitch to Themselves!!
Any player on the batting team may be designated to pitch to his team. Substitutions for the pitcher may be made at any time, especially when he must come to bat, but the new pitcher may not warm up unless it is at the start of an inning. Each batter will be allowed only FIVE (5) pitches to hit the ball. If the batter fails to hit the ball in play by the fifth pitch, he/she is out. Even if the batter fouls off the fifth pitch, he/she is out. If the batter strikes out before the fifth pitch, he/she is out on strikes. A player for the fielding team may stand behind the pitcher to field the position, or may be positioned anywhere in the field (an extra short-fielder, a fourth outfielder, etc.). If the ball hits the pitcher, who could not have avoided the contact without a super-human effort, the ball will be played as if the pitcher was part of the playing field and the ball took a bad hop. With all this in mind, please read through the rest of the rules carefully.
Number of Players/Substitutions
I-M softball has 10 players on a side. There is no restriction as to where these players must be placed other than a catcher must be provided. Teams may use the 10th player in the infield or outfield, and align the rest of the players in whatever fashion it sees fit. Substitutions are unlimited but may only be made for fielders. In other words, there are no pinch-hitters and no pinch-runners. A player may not come to bat unless he/she has been in the field the previous half-inning. Also, any player who bats must run for himself/herself, both from the plate and along the base paths.
ames are scheduled to start on the hour. If a team fails to field at least seven (7) players by 10 minutes past the hour, the game will be a forfeit. If a team is unable to field a full 10-player squad, it must still provide its own catcher (especially since the pitching position does not have to be fielded). Teams should make every effort to avoid forfeits short of taking players from another team to fill out the roster. PLAYERS MAY PLAY FOR ONE AND ONLY ONE TEAM IN INTRAMURAL SOFTBALL. That does not mean a person can play for an "A" League team and a "B" League team because they are in different leagues. ONE TEAM, THAT'S IT. A team will be ineligible for the playoffs if it is unable to field a full team.
Length of Games
Games will be one (1) hour or nine (9) innings in length, whichever comes first. Innings must be completed to count. If an inning is started, it should be finished, even if it goes a couple of minutes over the hour. Teams should constantly identify the score and inning when they exchange positions and keep track of time to decide whether a new inning will be started. No new inning should begin after five minutes before the hour. If a game is tied after nine innings, an extra inning may be played if time permits. If the game is tied after the hour is up, it goes in the books as a tie.
Home Team/Visiting Team
To determine which team is home and which is visiting, the team captains should shoot-out, flip a coin or devise some other mutually satisfactory method along these lines.
Intramurals provides a field of play, bases and two bats per field. All other equipment, such as gloves and balls, are the responsibility of the teams. Each team must bring a decent ball for play. METAL CLEATS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED IN INTRAMUAL
PLAY. Plastic or rubber cleats, however, are fine. About the bats and bases, please do not remove them from the playing area for any reason. If they disappear, they will not be replaced. I-M management will eventually collect all bats and bases following the final game of the day.
Sliding is legal in I-M play. There is no base stealing. There is no leading off a base, either. Runners may not leave the base until the ball is hit. Bunting is not allowed in I-M play.
Since the pitcher's sole responsibility is to deliver the ball and then stay out of the way, he/she will be assigned the role of umpire. He/she will make the call on any close play in the field. The catcher is responsible for making the fair/foul call.
Infield Fly/Tagging Up
The infield fly rule applies to intramural softball. Also players may tag up and advance on any fly ball that is caught as long as they do not leave the base until the ball is touched.
Field Impediments
There are objects which can interfere with play on North Field, such as bleachers, tables, benches, etc. If an object can be moved aside, at least into foul territory, that is fine. Some cannot be moved (i.e., the bleachers). Should a ball land in or become entangled in some immovable object, it will be ruled a ground-rule double. Balls that travel over these objects must be played as if the impediment were not there. Please make the best of the situation, tough as it may be.
Reporting Scores/Standings
It is the responsibility of the winning team to report the score of its game. If the game ends in a tie, either team can report the score. All results should be emailed to by Monday at noon. When reporting a score, please provide the following information -- the name of the winning team, the name of the losing team, the score of the game, the league the teams are in and the time the game was played. (i.e., "Team X defeated Team Y, 15-9, in League "B1". The game was played at 4 o'clock."). If a score is unreported as of noon Monday, it will be assumed that the game was not played, and the result will not be counted. Please be sure to report the score even if the game was a forfeit.
Teams will be determined at the discretion of the commissioner. Teams with a forfeit are ineligible for the playoffs. All decisions are final.
In Case of Rain/Snow
In the event of inclement weather, intramural softball may be cancelled for the day. If you have a question as to whether or not games are being played, please check the front page of the intramural website after 11 a.m. on Sunday. Games may be cancelled at any point during the day should the weather turn bad. All games played prior to the cancellation will count on the standings.