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Faculty Athletics Representative Position

General Goals:

  • To be the liaison for faculty about concerns about the athletics program.
  • To be the go-to person for athletes to voice their concerns.
  • To be involved in maintaining the integrity of the athletics program.

Specific Duties

Liaison to the faculty

  • Speak to the faculty every couple of years on the importance of athletics for students and for the university’s mission; explain the rationale of NESCAC and Division III values for fostering the education and development of student-athletes.

Working with the Athletics Department

  • Consult twice each semester with the Athletics Director to discuss major initiatives, personnel issues, student-athlete issues, and policy/procedures issues.
  • Work to maintain a balance between student-athletes’ academic and athletic goals, while promoting a culture of personal fulfillment for student-athletes.
  • Get to know all the head coaches, and hear about their concerns.
  • Take primary responsibility, along with the provost, to make sure that teams are matched with faculty affiliates; to this end, field the coaches’ suggestions about team faculty affiliates; ensure that the listing of faculty affiliates is posted on the Athletics Department web site (working with the Director of Athletics Communications); edit the Athletics page that describes the faculty affiliate suggested activities.
  • Encourage a greater integration of the Athletics Department with Student Affairs, such that both bodies can more fully contribute to the university’s services for student development outside of academics.
  • Participate in coach and staff searches.
  • Participate in self-studies, task forces on athletics, and visiting committee campus visits.

Advocating for student-athletes

  • Advocate for student-athletes, especially helping to resolve time conflicts with faculty.
  • Meet with Wesleyan’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee at the beginning of each semester.
  • Support student-athlete initiatives, as appropriate.
  • Identify and nominate student-athletes for NCAA post-graduate scholarships. 

The FAR’s education

  • Become familiar with NCAA and NESCAC rules and regulations, and how NESCAC rules differ from those of the rest of NCAA Division III.
  • Attend annual NCAA conferences and NCAA’s Faculty Athletics Representative Association conferences (one conference per year).