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WesFILES Player: Perseverance and Family Propel Hull

WesFILES Player: Perseverance and Family Propel Hull

To those that know Evan Hull, it is no secret that he is extremely close to his family. Hull is lucky, he says, "because I have very supportive parents and siblings." Whether it was being homesick his first year or going through an almost year-long injury, his family has always been by his side.

Evan talks about his parent's strength and mental toughness as something that has helped him overcome tough times in his life. Before Evan was born, his parents lost their first-born child, Heather, at age eight due to kidney failure. After suffering one of the greatest tragedies in life, his parents were blessed with twins, Evan and his sister Shannon. Evan admires and looks up to his father who he describes as, "always happy," and his mother as, "a very tough woman." It is his parent's constant positive attitude, despite tragedy, that has helped Evan become the man that he is today.

Hull started playing football and baseball at a very young age. Baseball was always his passion, and when he was looking at colleges, he knew that he wanted a school that would provide him a high level of academics and the ability to play both sports. Evan came to Wesleyan because it checked all of those boxes for him.

After Evan's first year at Wesleyan, he made one of the toughest decisions in his life. After a lot of thinking, he ultimately made the choice to quit baseball so that he could, "solely focus on crafting my game in football." With the support of his coaches at Wesleyan, and his family, Evan knew that his difficult choice was the right decision for him.

Following his freshman year, Evan made it his mission all summer to train hard for the upcoming football season. "I was having a really great summer. All I was doing was caddying and training, so I was able to be really devoted to football." Unfortunately, right before preseason, Evan pulled his hamstring. He was determined to play during the fall, but his injury kept him out for the majority of the season. "It was not the way I expected my sophomore year to go." Missing almost an entire season was tough for Evan, but it was his parent's support that helped him remain positive and get healthy.

During nearly nine months of rehab, Hull talked about how encouraging his parents and siblings were. "It was really challenging for me because I was trying to recover completely, but also train at a high level, while also trying to make sure that I wasn't pushing myself too hard too early." Hull reflects on his parents telling him to, "have patience," while reassuring him that, "nobody knows your body like you do." They would take him to his rehab appointments and remained a foundation of support for him. Hull remembers his parent's almost daily reminder that, "It will come. You will get healthy."

And he did get healthy. Hull returned to school in the fall of his junior year injury-free and had his sights set on having a great season. During his 2017 campaign, Hull was named the Wesleyan Football Comeback Player of the Year. "It was nice to know that everyone recognized how hard I worked to come back from this."

Talking with Hull, it's clear that his parent's optimistic outlook on life has had an impact on him. Even after he recovered from his injury, he explained that he was, "so lucky that it happened during my sophomore season and not my senior season." Hull doesn't talk about his challenges as negatives, in fact, he stated, "I have never really had a major injury."

Hull's family is not just there for him during the difficult times. He talks about how close he is with his brother, despite there being a big age difference, and his twin sister. He explains, "Shannon always tries to come up here for a game. Even with her cheerleading schedule, she always comes up." Aside from his sister, his parents have come to almost every game of his collegiate career.

No matter what challenges the Hull family faces, Evan recognizes how lucky he is to have such a strong and supportive foundation.        



  • Book: Hamlet
  • Movie: Good Will Hunting
  • Professor: Masami Imai
  • Music: Classic Rock
  • Band/Artist: Beatles
  • Pro Athlete: Derek Jeter
  • Food: Chicken Marsala
  • TV Show: Seinfeld
  • Started Football: In fourth grade
  • Best Kept Secret: Writes sketches with friends
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