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Houston Native Jordan Bonner '19 Spearheaded Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Photo by Jonas Powell '18
Photo by Jonas Powell '18

By Kariesha Martinez '19

Over the past month, hurricanes have been ravaging through the Caribbean—including Barbuda, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. We've also seen devastation in the south due to Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas. Often times, we can feel removed because we are so far away and it can seem like our efforts are useless. However, the men's basketball team is making moves to make a difference.

Jordan Bonner '19, a Houston Native, spearheaded a fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey relief. It consisted of two components, the first being donation boxes outside the Freeman Athletic Center. He asked people to donate anything they could, such as gently used clothes, diapers, wipes, and other essentials. The other component consisted of raising funds through KIPP charter schools in Houston, which he attended as a child. Although it was off to a slow start for the first couple days, Jordan and the basketball team were able to fill two large boxes of necessities as well as $100 through online donations.

It's not easy for one person to do something like this all by themselves. We all need a support team to not only do the physical work but also be there for us emotionally and mentally. Bonner appreciates the support of his teammates in trying to make a difference. "Especially for my team. We're already a close-knit family and this really reaffirmed that they got my back," he said.

Although it has been almost two months, Bonner wanted to make sure that the victims of the Hurricane didn't feel forgotten. Especially being from Houston, but going to boarding school in Connecticut, he wanted to show that he still cared even though he was so far removed from his home. It was especially moving to see that not only his team but the rest of the student body wanted to make a difference.

" It was great to see that people actually cared," he added. "Because a lot of time we get caught up in the 'me' and what we got going on. And to see that we're willing to give to a cause that is beyond ourselves was really touching."

Although the donation boxes have been packed and shipped, the online donations are still running. You can donate as you please through the KIPP Houston schools:

Thanks to Jordon Bonner and the rest of the Wesleyan men's basketball team for donating to a cause that is bigger than themselves.

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