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NESCAC Friday Feature: Sara Pinsonault

NESCAC Friday Feature: Sara Pinsonault

The NESCAC is brimming with talented student-athletes. The NESCAC "Friday Feature" series is a way for fans to get to know them throughout the academic year. The conference introduces Sara Pinsonault of Wesleyan, a studio art and English major, and a member of the cross country and outdoor track & field teams.

Sara Pinsonault, Wesleyan Sara Pinsonault, Wesleyan
Senior, Cross Country and Outdoor Track & Field
Sparta, N.J./Pope John XXIII Regional HS
Majors: Studio Art & English

Why did you choose to attend Wesleyan? 
I chose to attend Wesleyan because I couldn't decide between a school with a great English department or an Art School so I chose an institution that had great programs in both! I was very excited about being able to run at Wesleyan, as well.

What is your dream job/career? 
This summer I worked at Grand Central Publishing as an Art Intern and got to assist designers in creating book jackets, and I would definitely consider that a dream job. I'm majoring in both graphic design and English and creating book covers is a great combination of the two disciplines and my two passions!

What extracurricular activities do you participate in?
Outside of athletics and academics, I also have an on-campus job as a graphic design assistant where I help university designers create marketing materials for the school.

What are three top things on your bucket list?
1. Travel more; 2. Learn to juggle; 3. Watch the latest season of The Great British Bake Off

What has been your favorite class outside of your major?
I loved my engineering class, Introduction to Design and Engineering. My favorite project was building a hopping machine that would run on a 7-second timer out of limited materials like wood and rubber bands. A lot of the other students in my class were science and math majors, and my art background allowed me to think a little differently in my process for creating my machine. For the final, a few students and I collaborated on a potential playground model that was originally designed by middle schoolers. The kids got to come to our final presentation and see the final model and their reactions were exciting.

What has been the most interesting part of your major so far? 
Last fall I got to CA a printmaking course in the Studio Art Department. Through this job, I got to know my future thesis advisor better and had a great time watching all the students improve throughout the semester. I'm very excited to show an art thesis in the Zilkha Gallery at the end of this year!

What is the greatest lesson you have learned from being a student-athlete? 
Learning to accept hard realities and the value of a great leader. Being a student-athlete is realizing that nothing goes according to plan, and I've had to learn to be okay with and accept that reality. Also, the leaders greatly affect the attitude and environment of the team in numerous ways and the leaders who make efforts to connect outside of practice and get to know the newcomers helps create a team rather than a group of individuals working towards their own goals.

What advice would you give to yourself as a high school first year?
Time flies; make the most of every second.

What is the best gift you have ever received or gave?
I think the packages I sent out to the class of 2019 seniors on the team were pretty thoughtful. Each box was filled with a few packets of Del's lemonade, a book I got from my summer internship, and bracelets with inspiring mantras engraved onto them. I enjoyed sending them because those seniors impacted my college experience in a positive way.

What is your favorite place on your campus and why?
Definitely Wesleyan's main dining hall, Usdan! Our team always goes straight to Usdan after afternoon practices and morning doubles, and a lot of the people there know me by name, which I love. The Wednesday fried rice special is one of my favorite parts of the week.

What is something interesting about you that others might not know?
I hate white sauces (mayonnaise, salad dressing, ranch, cream cheese, etc), and I don't know why.

--Courtesy of the NESCAC--